• Be Punctual - Give yourself enough time to comfortably sign-in, set up your mat and change. Classes begin on time and students arriving late cannot be admitted.


  • Be Clean - Yoga is practiced bare-foot and in comfortable clothing so please make sure that both are clean and odour-free. Perfume and scented lotions are not permitted prior to class. If you smoke, please make sure you wash your hands before you take class.


  • Postures - Limit your postures to the Bikram series during class, please do not substitute and/or add postures from other types of Yoga.


  • Cell Phones - Please do not bring your cell phone into class. For certain professions, we understand that cell phones or pagers are necessary, if this is the case for you, please speak to the instructor before class. Only bring your mat, towel and water to the yoga room. Leave everything else outside the room.


  • Silence Is Golden - In the yoga room, please respect the silence.


  • Stay in the Room for the duration of class