What You Need To Know

Hot Yoga at Viana Hot Yoga Cowichan Valley is a beginners class suited for everyone, no matter what shape you think you are in, no matter how old you think you are. Remember that everyone starts somewhere so take a deep breath and take the first step towards transforming your health.

Make sure you come prepared to your first class. It will make the experience much more enjoyable.


  • Arrive early, at least 15 minutes before class to complete registration

  • Come well-hydrated, drink at least 1 litre of water before class

  • Practice on an empty to near-empty stomach, try not to eat 2-3 hours before class

  • Dress to sweat! Wear light-weight, fitted clothes: sports bra/tank and shorts for women, shorts and t-shirt or just shorts for men

  • Bring 2 large towels, a big bottle of water and a yoga mat if you have one*

  • Be prepared to work hard and sweat hard, keep a positive attitude and have FUN!


*Towels are available to rent: $2/each
*Mats are available to rent: $2/each
*Bottled water is available to buy: $2.25 each
(although we encourage you to bring in your own bottle and fill it here from one of our taps!)